Film 48mn - 2016

What will happen when a brain and a landscape collide ? Filming telluric hypnosis sessions, Gurwann Tran Van Gie tried to capture the impact of the Icelandic elements on the psyches of the French writer Thomas Clerc and Icelandic artist Asdis Sif Gunnarsdottir.

A meditative and sensory journey into the mechanics of bodies.


Film directed and produced during an artist residence in Iceland for the festivals Hors Pistes at Centre Pompidou and Riff in Reykjavik.


Directed by Gurwann Tran Van Gie
Dop : Daniel Correia
Production : Centre Pompidou Hors pistes, Tamara films
Producers : Carole Chassaing et Gurwann Tran Van Gie
unit manager : Jerôme Maroni, assistant producer : Oriane Crouail
Editing : Daniel Correia et Gurwann Tran Van Gie
Music : Ronan Martin

Translation : Kahina Selmouni

Subtitles : Rémi Le Boulanger


Film 73mn - 2015

In a state of partial hypnotic trance, 4 personalities chosen by Gurwann Tran Van Gie for their unique approach to their craft, deemed to demonstrate integrity, are asked questions about the truths that guide them, and move them to act and create. In the background stands, immobile,“the keeper of the unconscious”, symbolised by a character on the borderline between the absurd, the folk and the sacred. Integrity. Integrity Precious words are collected in an anechoic chamber, "without echoe" protected casket of silence.

With the actress Kate Moran, the singer musician Alex June, the dancer Massimo Fusco, and the writer journalist Blandine Rinkel.

Directed by Gurwann Tran Van Gie

Dop : Daniel Correia

Production : Centre Pompidou, Hors Pistes

Sound : Lilis Soares,  costume designer : Raphaël Lamy Gendrillon, Assistant costume designer : Anna Terrien, Film set photographer : Romain Daudet Jahan, Production designer : Anna Le Mouel, Unit manager : Léo Grignon, Editing : Daniel Correia et Gurwann Tran Van Gie, 

Music : Ronan Martin, Music trailer : Bing and Ruth - TWTGA



Film 10mn - 2015


In an unidentified palace in the shelter of the world, 5 characters . A teenager, her mother, a young woman, a man and a deaf and dumb employee, joined by a play.

Written and directed by Gurwann Tran Van Gie

With Louis Jouan, Blandine Rinkel, Xavier Prieur, Sophie Mihran and Laurent Pernot.

Dop : Daniel Correïa, Assistant : Lilis Soarez, Steadycamer : Thomas Burgess, Assistant director : Elena Manente, Make up artist : Delphine Birarelli, Unit manager : Léo Grignon, Editing : Daniel Correïa et Gurwann Tran Van Gie, Music : Ronan Martin.​



Film 61mn - 2013


Danielle Wallers come back under hypnosis on Thirty three years spent at the head of the plastic arts center of Clamart.

Directed by Gurwann Tran Van Gie

Dop : Daniel Correia

Assistant operator : Alex Monteiro

Production : Centre d'art contemporain Chanot


Film presented in the context of the exhibition No longer at this adress  "carte blanche" at Barbara Carlotti and Gurwann Tran Van Gie.

© Gurwann Tran Van Gie - 2020